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Monday, October 25, 2010

How to Shop online for bathing suit coverups

Rule # 1- A Swim suit cover up have to fit to flatter your figure, in other words hide parts of your body you want to cover without covering too much. 2- Look for bathing suit cover ups FOR YOU NEEDS. If you are going on a trip south, on a cruise, a back-pack adventure… Determine YOUR NEEDS. You may want your swimsuit coverups to be versatile to be able to put it on easy and look good to go for a walk, do some visiting, sports,  biking, hiking, tennis, rollerblade? You might want multi-functional, interchangeable bathing suit coverups. You don’t want to run to your room to change each time you go for lunch, happy hour or decide to do an activity or just get a drink at the pool bar… And you don’t want to bring too much clothes in your luggage, Airlines charging for a second suitcase now. 3- Look for swimwear coverups that you may be able to mix and match with other swim suits you have, interchangeable and affordable. Also you want a cover up that is crease resistant, light and comfortable, that could fit in your purse. Don’t forget that you might look for cover ups that have a matching scarf you can put on your shoulders when you go in the air conditioning, also wear as a head band or to protect your hair from the sun in a fashionable way.
Beach to Chic Short Length options
Some Beach to Chic Long and Medium lengths options

Go visit for more information and more style pictures. It is a bran New Bathing Suit Cover Ups company, that have a matching versatile SCARF you can even wear as a top! They have a matching support band also included. Starting at $24.99 Beach to Chic bathing suit coverups Collection is  affordable, mix and match colors interchangeable in many styles with all the qualities, I mentioned above, swimwear coverups should have. See it for yourself and compare with swim suit coverups, they have pretty dresses but very expensive, you can't mix and match colors, there are no options on fit, length or covering.They are simply summer dresses you put over your bathing suit, personally I have summer dresses like that but they get wet, show and look wet, I want swimsuit cover ups that I can wear right after swimming. Without covering too much, have the options of covering what I want to cover and don't have two wet spots on my breasts and a wet spot on my butt! I'm ordering Beach to Chic right now and will tell you all about it in my next post titled I tested, wore and washed these bathing suit cover ups.

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