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Monday, October 25, 2010

Modest Swim suit coverups anyone?

You’re looking for bathing suit coverups, affordable and fit great! You’re looking for swim suit coverups that are, Short, Medium Length and Long? You’re going on a cruise? Trip to the Islands?  A BBQ?  A pool Party?  Your Boat ? The beach? Rollerblading? Walking? Hiking? Tennis? Visiting? You don’t want to go to your room to dress up to go get a drink at the bar or for lunch on the resort?
I suggest you click to  see Beach to Chic new 2010 Bathing suit Cover Ups  or swimwear coverups line, starts at $24.99 for a 5 piece set, the dress, the matching scarf, 2 Jewel Solid Grip Clips and a matching support band because you can make a top out of the scarf with the support band. Incredible !

Beach to Chic fits in a purse, simply Clip Bathing Suit Cover Ups Beach to Chic to your bathing suit put the scarf on your shoulders and you’re ready to go!  In a second you're dressed for a fancy restaurant or the tiki bar …they will never know you’re wearing your bathing suit. I compared with other swimwear coverups; nothing came close to this new 2010 Line of Swim suit cover ups- Beach to Chic. For once you have something for your money, great looks, great price, great fit, specially because your top is your own bathing suit so you are sure it fits. Beach to Chic comes in interchangeable great colors and prints, made of stretch best quality fabric, light, machine washable, crease resistant, dries in minutes, you can even use it as a towel on the sand and wear it after you sunbathed, the sand don’t stick to Beach to Chic bathing suit coverups. Amazing!

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