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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A few rules on how to shop for best Bathing Suit Cover Ups

Rule # 1- Bathing suit coverups have to fit and flatter your figure, in other words Swimsuit Cover Ups have to hide the parts of your body you don’t like without covering too much. I had three kids, I want Swimwear CoverUps to hide my belly stretch marks but don’t want to cover my shoulders, my back or my best feature, my legs. I’m sure many of you, if age 50 is right around the corner, have some issues also with gravity and arms. Ladies, this is me in these pictures, not a model, wearing short, medium and long New 2010 Swimwear CoverUps Collection Beach to Chic. A real COVER UP! That ONLY covers the parts we want to hide. And since Beach to Chic is a complement to your own bathing suit, that took I’m sure, a long time to find and paid a lot of money for it, why hide it or take it off? Let’s wear it! 
Beach to Chic always comes as a 5 piece set including, The skirt, the Scarf, 2 Jewel Clips and a matching support Band for your top.
I am wearing only the skirt and the 2 Jewel Clips of the Beach to Chic 5 piece set Bathing Suit Cover up- Short-Charcoal 33- $24.99 click here to see all the Beach to Chic Bathing Suit Cover Ups colors and different Lenghts 

I am wearing here Beach to Chic-MediumS Length-Color Orange 22

I simply Clipped  Beach to Chic 5 piece set- Long- Color Leopard 02- to my bathing suit and wear the scarf on my shoulders, or you can wear the scarf like below as sleeves or above as a head band, it can be worn also as a top.           Click here to see all possibilities you can do with Beach to Chic Bathing Suit Cover Ups
Scarf as Sleeves
Scarf is worn as Top it makes a perfect little dress-Beach to Chic 5 piece set-MediumS Length-Color Brown77-Think of all the possibilities if you by 2 sets-1 Brown and an other set with an interchanging color- You can make 4 different out fits with only 2 sets!

Click here if you want to know witch bathing suits I have on the pictures. I bought them from - - go to women's swimwear then Fashion Swimwear then click on Bandeau then go to the bottom of this page on the right there is a Red version of my bathing suit called BODY GLOVE Swim Desire Bandeau top.  
I have this bathing suit in Brown, Black, Red, White and Yellow I love it! You can wear it strapless it holds great! It comes with a support lace, you can also use the matching support band that comes with the 5 piece set Beach to Chic Bathing Suit Cover Ups.
Body Glove swim  Desire bandeau top

  I suggest you take a bottom like the Body Glove Bali basic bottom , it's like a Brazilian bottom,  it fits fantastic! Without bows or attachments on the side of the hips to prevent unwanted bumps when you put your cover up on  . They have also for more coverage Body Glove Basic bikini bottom also from 

Rules # 2 and 3 will follow in my next post.

Hope I helped with your Bathing Suit Cover Ups shopping !
Women online shopper detective.

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